SySari Oy

is a company founded in 2017 with the base in Porvoo. The business has begun at Midsummer 2020.


SySari Oy is selling coffee and snacks from a bus. For the moment the bus in on the road only in summer time from May to September.


The bus stops where the customers are. If you like to order me or suggest a special place or occasion to attend, please send your wish from (Feedback page)


The business idea of SySari Oy is to bring to the customers an experience of a slightly forgotten old Finnish fast food culture by offering meat pies, steam heated sausages and hot dogs. The condiments are Heinz ketchup and Koti mustard as well as chopped onions and pickled cucumber. The meat pies and the rolls are baked by Oy Tarmolan Kotileipomo Ab in Porvoo and the sausages are made by Tampereen Lihajaloste Oy.

SySari also offer a selection of warm filled rolls and of course coffee and tea, buns, ice cream and a lot of other things. Only the best ingredients are used and e.g. you can have cream, semi or skimmed milk from free-range cows or oat milk in your coffee. We always listen to any feedback or request concerning the products and the assortment!


Since there is a lot of villages without any services or activity, SySari wants to offer a spot to get together and meet e.g. over a cup of coffee and a salty snack.

At the same time you will get to know the owner...  :-)


PUBLICATIONS (klick on the link):

In the Uusimaa paper (in Finnish)

In the Itäväylä paper (in Finnish)